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A little tmi!

Hi ladies sorry if this is too much info! I had a lap a week ago yesterday, I seem to be healing okay still quite sore but that is expected! They only worry I have is going to the loo! Going for a wee had eased but still hurts my stomach to push don't low, but to go for a number 2, it's agony!! It's not only my stomach hurting there seems to be a sharp pain coming from where it's all happening if you get ME! Almost everytime it has made me bleed when I've gone, and that has never happened before. Any suggestions in why this is happening!? 

Thank you !! 

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Hi was you're bowel involved at all or endo near it? If they had to handle the bowel it can take a while to settle down. Ask GP for some stool softeners which will make going a lot easier. 


Before I say any of this I not a dr or medically trained so these are just home remedies and stuff I've found helps me that I've researched or reAd 😷😷💗i had my lap and had some endo removed form bowel last Wednesday still in pain with both bodily functions but find squatting over toilet really helps with bowel opening means you don't have to strain or push. I litarally stand on the toilet seat and squat which sounds a bit mental(I do a lot of yoga so have good balance so I wouldn't say it a good thing for everyone so don't fall off and sue me 😂😂😂)  but does really help no straining it straightens a kink in the bowel which is squished when  you sitting n a toilet I think that's why roughly but people in countries where they all squat have much healthier bowels and ever less hiatus hernias I 'm sure I've read, think you can get similar effect with a little step  to raise feet when you sitting on seat or a toilet roll under either foot to get your knees up. Lots about it on the net anyway ??? 😳😳 hope this helps and warm prune juice good to in the morning to make it softer when you go or also I have pint of hot water with half a lemon with a shake of cayenne pepper in to calm inflammation in the morning ?? 


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