Mirena coil problems again! :(

Hey guys,


Time for a bit of a rant!! I’m 19 and have been undergoing tests for endometriosis for a while now. I recently had the mirena coil fitted with hope that it will reduce my pain (the consultant wouldn’t do a laparoscopy). I’ve had it in for over a week now and have had nothing but severe pain. I knew it was to be expected but I’m in pain 24/7 and the only time it stops is when I’m in the bath! I’ve phoned the hospital and explained to them and they said I have a tilted uterus (whatever that means!) so it is prone to falling out. When I went to check the strings (it didn’t take long, they were below my belt line) and I felt a harsh wire which I actually pricked my finger on (it bled) and I could only feel one string. Later on that day I tried to have sex (sorry if TMI) and my partner cut himself on it…. 

I rang the hospital and they said to go back to my GP to get her to check the strings (bearing in mind my GP was the one who said she did not feel comfortable fitting it on such a young person). I'm just at a loss! How long is this going to last?! :( 

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  • Hi! I'm 19 too and had a lap yesterday for my endo(in a lot of pain!) my gp tried me on everything to stop the pain I went on the pill and the patch but nothing seemed to work! I'm a bit of a wimp so I never wanted to have the coil fitted! Plus I'm not sure if my partner would enjoy it either! However I had the implant fitted and its great! I'm getting on with it really well, not bleeding at all! My sister is 32 and is really having problems with her coil, with lots of heavy bleeding and pain, they said her body is rejecting it so it's not for everyone! Maybe go back to you doctor (maybe ask for a different doctor) or even a sexual health clinic and they can advise you about weather it's right for you. It can always be taken out, maybe try the implant? It's really helped me! And as for the endo tests you deffo should make sure they speed things up for you! It's taken me a year to have the op! Take care and I hope this helps a bit!! Xx

  • Thank you! I've actually had the implant in for the last 3 years (it's due to come out next week!). I've tried all of the different pills and the coil was a last resort for me :( feeling slightly hopeless haha! I'm definatley going back to see someone else. Thank you xx

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