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Bleeding after toilet


I have adeno, according to last lap I do not have Endo. MY worst symptom by far is back ache. Always worse at night, pain that stop me sleeping. Now I have more symptoms *sigh. After a bowel movement I bleed (vaginal) If I pass water, it is a waiting game and it feels like its on its way and then nothing and then starts again and I go. I had awful upper left quadrant pain, to me it was my kidney. Now its the left side. codeine phosphate is all I take and mefanic acid, I would say I'm in almost constant pain, not agony but debilitating pain. I'm wondering if this is adeno escalating or possibly bladder related?

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I have got similar issues on top of everything else. My lap confirmed severe endo though.

I was told the best 'treatment' is pregnancy but I am fed up now and looking for endo specialists.


Oh dear, sorry to hear that. I'm not 100% sure I haven't got Endo but can't keep having laparoscopy's!! The surgeon's already in a mood with me because I rang after them last one asking for advice as my pain was worse. he didn't want to know. Pity there isn't a 'hysterectomy for idiots' book on amazon!!


I have just been diagnosed with Adeno, having had endo removed last year. 

Yes my back ache is awful. Can't get comfy in bed at all. Hurts so bad when I bend over to do the washing etc.  My bum aches too and my thighs. Like I've been walking up hills all day.

I also get the feeling I need to wee - all the time, and end up rushing and nearly not making it. I'm also worried I'm going to have start wearing tena lady soon as don't feel very secure down there anymore. Also suffer with feeling like I need a number two too. And it can be sore. Not red hot poker like endo but a bit like an upset tummy type ache when you've been too many times. I think the nerves and ligaments holding the uterus cause the referred pain. I'm not sure about as high up as your kidneys.

I pretty much feel like I've got a watermelon sitting side me on top of everything. Just want to rip it out. 

Mr doctor has suggested zoladex for a couple of months, but I've got a meeting in a couple of weeks to discuss hysterectomy instead. 

Have you joined the Adeno Facebook groups? They're a good source of info and support. 


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So sorry H didn't come on here for a while. you sound like you are suffering, do any meds help? X


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