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Is my headache hormone related?

It feels like one of my endo headaches today, neck, shoulder and base quarter on my skull round into my jaw and temple.

It started yesterday, I woke up with it but it was a cluster style around my eye, took 2 paracetamol and it made me violently ill within 20 mins, it was the tablets not the headache. After the first time I was sick the next 4/5 times were smell related, food cooking. Today I've not been sick and I didn't have a headache either til a few mins ago. 

I've only finished my period on 26th, but I have Endometriosis and my periods are erratic, on average 25 day cycle, I felt ovulation on 17th (I know that's very late but its not unusual) I had a bad flare up for a full week before my period, this is unusual I have never been as bad I was this time.

My sister in-laws both think I'm pregnant, they said oh its how we all are, they (women on his side married in or blood) all get early morning sickness with food odours.

I did taste the milk in my tea and that made me sick too, just like last time...I've had multiple miscarriages and I am struggling with the thought of pregnancy, this disease has taken over my entire life, my entire body, I'm due to have major surgery later this year I need full excision and bowel reconstruction, I'll probably lose my ovary too its bound to a nodule that's bound to my rectum.

I've also started to get groin twinges feels like my pelvis on and off fairly frequently radiating into my belly button. I've not been sick today either.

I can't possibly be pregnant...could I? I'm practically infertile my right ovary is out of place and my left is encased in an Endometriomas...I've got weeks til I can test (haven't I) 

Any advice will be very welcome I'm not sure what to do or think really xx

*I've just realised I had a turkey sandwich and chocate for breakfast with water...

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Hey I have headaches in preg and had early nausea/vomitting in first trim. I'll try not to get too graphic now but will share experience. First preg I had really funny pink/light brown implantation bleeding five days before period due (day 29). Then missing period, mc day 33 just 5 wks. Next time had a Chem pregnancy, ovulated circa day 12 - started having funny yellow, pink discharge from about day 20-23 implantation again - no joy, continued bleeding funny and full period from day 26. Got preg again and this time really red, dark blood in a few hrs like start of period and then nothing - embryo burrowed in nicely. . . 

So it is possible that you could be pregnant, if your period wasn't a true period, some women continue to have periods for the first few months, depends on the hormone balance. Though equally it could be your severe Endo that is causing hormone imbalance and mimicking preg symptoms. It is mega hard to tell when you have Endo as you generally are bloated, nauseous and knackered all the time anyway!

Take all the usual precautions, off the hardcore painkillers/alcohol etc nd see how you go. If you are preg then best thing you can do is just relax and take care of yourself. 

Hope you're ok missus xx


Literally as you commented I edited my post, I didn't eat yesterday at all I had 3 bites of a piece of dry toast before bed, I was only up an hour and I wasn't even that hungry, I had a turkey sandwich and chocolate with water for breakfast...I don't eat breakfast usually and I'm a cup of weak tea girl the water is a last resort if I have a choice its dilute juice but not today or the last few days actually its just water. 

My period was fairly strange lasted 6 days but it started heavy and painless but finished very slow and quite achy the last two days, I was due but I was in a long cycle (29 days) it was very strange no clots at all just dark dark blood followed by slightly lighter but still dark towards the end xx


You sure you aren't preg with that menu?! Lol take it easy on yourself, maybe stick to soup and fruit for a few days though turkey shouldn't be that hard on you. You'll know yourself if that period was weird for you, I'd be 6-7 days normally too, stretching to 14 (yay! :-\)

To be honest without bbt tracking I prob wouldn't have realised I had a chemical with my weird 10 day 'period' temps, emotions and symptoms were all over the place. Could have been something like that or maybe just a weird Endo period for you.

Feel better, I know it can really suck feeling so poorly xx


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