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Painful Intercourse

Hello Ladies, 

I'm pretty new to this so I hope with some good advice and comforting words you can help me.

I am due to have a laparoscopy to see if I have Endometriosis. I'm confident that I do have it! 

I have all the normal symptoms:

- heavy bleeding 

- tiredness

- aches and pains 

and the worst symptom of all, - painful intercourse. 

The pain during intercourse is un bearable and quite likely to be the worst pain I've ever felt. I feel like i cant meet any new guys because of this problem and just wondered if the pain will ever go away? is there any surgery following the laparoscopy to ease this symptom or is this something I have to live with? 

It's an issue that has been making me anxious for awhile and I just hope it's something i wont have to live with. After years of experiencing this pain and lots of trips to the doctors to convince them something is wrong with me, my sex drive has completely gone! Just want my old body back :( 

Hope someone out there can give me hope!!

All the best

Karla x

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If you have Endo the surgeons can excise it, this could help with painfull sex and all symptoms, is this laparoscopy just diagnostic, ???


Hi I totally understand where you are coming from and have the same issue. However there is light at the end of the tunnel you just have to be patient. My Gyno explained it as such: your vagina has memory and remembers trauma therefore if you have had painful sex in the past it will remember this so anytime anything touches it it will tense up. The advice I was given was to go to physiotherapy. Which I questioned further and found these were exercises you can do yourself or with a partner. The exercises are simply using your fingers your massage the vagina wall and slowly easing it open and relaxing it. Overtime you will find that you can have sex again and itl be enjoyable. 

I have a partner and when we first met the sex was great however my piles got worse and I had surgery to remove them. After this I kept having painful sex and didn't know why. I mentioned it to my surgeon and he thought it might be endometriosis so referred me to his Gyno friend. I then had an MRI scan which confirmed the endo cells and had a laparoscopy to remove some of them but not all sadly! 

I have been with my partner for 4 years and over the passed 2 years I couldn't actually tell you the last time we had full intercourse because it's been to painful. But this hasn't stopped us. We do everything but and still have a great time. We are very close and romantic still. This is what you need to remember it's not all about sex you can still enjoy all the other things leading up to it so my advice for meeting new people is stick to everything but full intercourse. Then when things are moving forward be honest and if they are the right person they will stick by you. 

I am still undergoing surgery at the moment for anal fissures and for a further laparoscopy in near future so my body hasn't had chance to recover in order for myself and my boyfriend to have sex. But I believe that honesty is the best way forward as if you are honest from the start all the anxiety goes away and you relax and the more you relax the better the sex will be. 

I hope my comments have helped and if you need anymore help don't hesitate to message me 

I am very lucky I have found a guy who is so understanding and will stick by me through this there are men out there you just need to be honest with them. 


Check out this link - some laparoscopy tips are on their way in coming days.


Hope you feel better soon Hun xx


Hey Karla. 

The eventual driver to make me go to the doctors and push for examinations, despite not having heard of endo at the time, was bleeding post sex. It had been happening for 3 years but I always assumed I was about to come on as my periods are irregular, then I realised that wasn't the case. Scan, cyst, lap, diagnosis, ovary removal and I haven't bled since and sex is a lot less painful (and fun again).

Admittedly I (and the OH) can feel it 2 weeks before my period and the week before is sore so out for me but the other weeks of my cycle is fine. 

I understand the anxiety. I still tense up a little but it has gotten less over time. Hopefully the laparoscopy will start the healing process. 



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