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Info on freezing eggs?

I'm booked in for my 2nd lapaoscopy, I have already lost my left side due to endo. And worryed that now I'm lossing the right as this is where I have been getting so much pain again!

Has anyone been able to freeze eggs during a lapaoscopy ? If there able to save then?  

I'm so worried that I'm never going to be able to carry my own children :-( 

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I don't think that this can be done during a laparoscopy. I had eggs removed for an IVF cycle, and you have to take medication to increase your egg production in order that there are more to remove than just one. They do it vaginally and it has to be done in a fertility centre with an embryologist present as the eggs have to be checked before being placed in the freezer. All these facilities would not be present during an gynaecological laparoscopy. I would discuss this with your gynaecologist that you are keen to get your eggs frozen as they may need to refer you on to a fertility consultant. xxx

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Thank you for your advice xx


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