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New to this so thought I would tell you my story.

At the end of 2012 I woke up in the middle of the night being sick and with crippling pelvic pain. I ended up seeing the out of hours doctor who told me that I had a water infection. The same thing happened the month after and the month after that. So because I had a water infection 3 times they referred me to a ultrasound.

 The ultrasound showed I had a mass near my bladder so was then referred for a camera in my bladder. The camera showed nothing so I was then referred for a ct scan and mri scan. I got the result from these scans in 2013 and the advice I was given was I had endometriosis and a mass but they could do anything about it or check the mass wasn't cancerous.  So my option were to have a baby, carry on the pill or take an injection to trigger my brain to think I had started the menopause and I was then referred back to my doctors to make my decision. 

Fast forward to Sept 2015 were I had been off the pill for 9 months and trying for a baby I went to the doctors again as my periods hadn't settled in to any pattern and I was still suffering with pain.They then referred my to a fertility clinic. I have since had a lararoscopy in Jan 16 which has confirmed I had endometriosis which has fussed my ovary and fallopian tube together. I am now waiting on another referral and date to see another consultation which I'm presuming I will have another operation to sort the mass and my ovary and fallopian tube then once that has happened I will then be referred for IVF 

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Just wanted to wish you good luck and to say if you need to talk or want advice please to hesitate to ask.


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