Lack of bleeding?

Has anyone had a laparoscopy but not bled after? After my 1st op I bled quite a lot but I had one on Tuesday and I haven't bled. I was also 2 months late on my period before I had the op (definitely not pregnant). I don't know whether it's normal? I assumed I would bleed especially as I had the coil fitted too! They didn't find any endo has grown back so I didn't have any lazer done but I still thought I would have bled? 😕

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  • Hi, I had my lap 4 weeks ago and I didn't have any bleeding for first 3 weeks till my period... I had endo removed too I was worried but Drs didn't seem concerned X 

  • Hi Hun when I had my lap last year I didn't bleed at all. Had hysterectomy on 3rd of March and was told to expect some bleeding but I've had nothing.  I wouldn't worry about it . Hope you're ok.

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