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Mixed emotions

Hi girls.

I have my first lap booked on 11th April.

I have so many mixed emotions. I'm nervous. I'm scared that they will find it and I'm scared that they won't.

I'm scared because my consultant has said that if they do find it I should probably have children soon (me and hubby were thinking next year anyway so not the end of the world, just daunting!!).

I'm scared that they won't find anything and then I'll be back to square one.

I also don't get anything more than statutory sick pay so I'm fretting about that- how long has it taken people to recover both with and without removal of endo?

Thanks in advance xx

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Hi Daisy, I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same before my lap in October. If they don't find anything that's good, endo is not a nice condition but I do know what you mean- I worried I'd feel like a fraud or that I was going crazy! If they do find endo at least they'll be able to start treating it. Try to think of it this way- at least you'll know one way or another and you'll be able to move forwards. Xx


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