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Is the Mirena Coil a cure or just used for preventing endo?

Hi, I posted something earlier today but it was a bit long winded.

I finally seen the gynecologist and she said she believes I have endo as all my symptoms match. She didn't offer me a laparoscopy but first recommended I use the mirena coil. If the coil doesn't help then she said they would think about doing a laparoscopy.

Can a coil get rid of endo that's already built up is what I want to know as most cases I read on here are people having a laparoscopy and getting everything burnt off that can be and then fitting the coil.

I'm also really nervous about being able to tolerate the pain of getting the coil fitted. :/

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The coil will not cure endo , it may help with symptoms. Me personally I would want to know if it is endo first as I've heard the coil can sometimes cause problems. I would ask for a second opinion personally as I would want know for sure whether it is endo and the only way to do that is via a laparoscopy, and if it is endo then excision surgery is the best way to deal with it. But good luck in whatever you decide.


Mirena won't remove endo that has already grown.

If your doctor suspects endo they should refer you to a specialist to have a scan and potentially a diagnostic laparoscopy to confirm what is happening inside your body and perhaps removal of the endo at the same time.

In my case I was diagnosed with stage 4 and had a laparoscopy two years ago where all my endo was removed, including from my bowel. It was quite significant as the bleeding from the endo got so heavy that my organs stuck together and had to be separated.

During the op my surgeon put the Mirena in as a preventative measure. It took a while for the coil to settle (about 9 months) but after the first month or so my periods stopped completely and haven't come back. I get a tiny bit of spotting occasionally but that's about it.

Three weeks ago I had my second lap to remove a giant cyst in my pouch of Douglas and my surgeon told me that no new endo had grown since my first op.

I'm not entirely sure whether the Mirena has contributed to that but I would like to think that a combination of the successful removal of the endo and no more bleeding has had a positive effect.

That's my experience however we are all different and bodies may react differently.

Good luck and make sure you get a referral and get it checked out.


I went through same process and saw a general gynae who suggested the mirena coil. I went with as at the time didn't really understand fully about endometriosis.

If there is already endometriosis, the coil will do nothing to get rid of it and might not necessarily stop growth of more endo. What it might do is help with symptoms but that's it.

I personally had no relief from having the Mirena coil, it made cramping slightly worse for me and sent my moods crazy, I had it removed about 9 months after.

I've just had excision surgery to remove the endo, I'm only 1 week post op but through this forum I found out excision is the best treatment for this horrible disease. Try to get referred to a specialist centre before u let any surgeon operate on you. Sending love and hugs x


Thank you ladies.

I'm waiting for the GP to call me back so I can discuss with her what to do. I just felt like it was the quick fix for the hospital to suggest the coil. I would also like to know for certain if I do have endo and if it's done any damage, as I don't want to wait until trying for a baby to see if I have problems or not. That's what I thought about the coil but wanted to make sure.

The gynecologist also discharged me and told me if the coil doesn't work to get referred back to them, this is obviously annoying because of the length of time it actually takes to get an appointment with them.


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