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More surgery so soon?

Hi All

I had lap surgery about a year and a half ago and appeared to provide some relief with regard to pain. I also take the combine pill back to back for three packs so therefore have less periods (which is when I experience pain). Although my period this weekend was awful, in so much pain and then spaced out from painkillers. How soon did people have to go back for more surgery??

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I've never had a lap but I'd say that people would get another one once symptoms start to develop and become severe - affecting your quality of life!


That really depends on the severity of your Endo, everyone is different.

I had my last lap in 2014 and I am just waiting on a date for the next one which should be within the next couple of months.

The reason for mine is my symptoms have changed, I got badly bloated on the 2nd Jan and it never went down so I had to start with the tests again which resulted in me having to have surgery again.

Don't suffer in silence, go and see your Dr, it might be the case it's grown back or maybe it's something new, be prepared to wait a while and go through tests again before any consultant agrees to another lap.

Best of luck to you

L x



It completely depends on the person and I would definitely approach your GP now to "get the ball rolling". I have had a lap once a year for the past 3 years, yet a friend only ever had one 3 years ago and is still symptom free.

Did they laser the endo a year and a half ago?

Take care and best wishes x


I had a lap in October, I'll have more surgery, a bigger operation, some time this year (hopefully) I'm back in June, having seen an Endo Dr just last week, to meet the other 2 surgeons who will help him with the surgery xx


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