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Please help me

Since the first day of my period I have experienced severe pain, ended up in hospital from it, fainting vomiting etc, I get thrush and uti's all the time, I've already had thrush 4 times this year and it's only March. I experience deep pain during sex, yesterday it was to the point where I was crying, it was a sharp stabbing pulling pain that stayed with me until lastnight. I've been to several doctors, some appear to not care and tell me to have a hot bath, others have said it could be endo, I've had ultra sounds and have only had a cyst on my left ovary, I also get ovulation pain that lasts for 2 days where I need hot packs, on my period I get painful bowel movements and even when I wee it feels like my insides are falling out. Please help me, is this all in my head ? :(

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Also I am 20 years old, no STD, pregnancy or issue like that


I don't think it's in your head Hun. I'd perhaps argue into seeing a specialist in endo to see how they could help. I often worry this pain is in my head but surely it can't be- that something's causing it.

I've got some handy hints and tips on my blog - check out the castor oil heat pack and ginger for sickness.

Here anytime you need to talk,




Thank you so much for replying, I really appreciate it !


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