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Hi everyone, I'm in so much pain all of the time whenever I go out I can only walk for about half an hour before I feel like I'm about to collapse with pain it makes going out so hard. My partner said to me why don't we try get a wheelchair then we can stay out longer does anyone else feel like this? I no its endo and doesn't put people in wheelchairs from what I no correct me if I'm wrong. I feel like people may think I'm exaggerating but honestly the pain is that bad. Is anyone in a wheelchair or have the same experience with pain? X

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Hi there,

I haven't been officially diagnosed yet, however I've had a sudden onset of severe pain, which over the past 4/5 weeks has become worse, I find it difficult standing too long and found that yesterday even being out all day with some periods of sitting caused me great pain by the end of the day. I get bad hip/back and groin pain so any movement like walking or standing is difficult at the moment! Even when I'm sat I have to fidget and adjust how I am for comfort. I also didn't know if it was normal to be so severe but you're not alone! Id advise speaking to a doctor or a specialist/care centre and explaining to them, but I really wish you well x


Hiya Hun,

I'm so sorry you're going brought this. Have you tried elements of the endo diet and the castor oil heat pack? Check out the tens machine?

I've found strategically using these remedies allows me to manage out and about for between 2-3 hours - by the 4th hour my pain relief is often wearing off.

But it's worth a shot?

For more info check out this link. Some good tips on foods and treatments that help me through:


I hope things work out for you soon sending me my love xx


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