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Facebook support

Hi ladies, I hope you are all well, I do not want to take up your time but occasionally I will post a link to the facebook group I have created this week. I think this forum is great and very beneficial but thought the closed facebook group could be another way of sharing support for each other? It is called Endometriosis Support and Discussion UK the link is facebook.com/groups/1715886...

it is early days but I hope to see you there :) x

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Its a really good idea, I love the fact that you care enough to create the page. In the past I've had a few problems with groups etc on fb, my hubby and I share the same account, we didn't have a fb but we made friends with some Americans and it was the ideal platform to keep in touch. Sadly there is a lot of negativity surrounding joint accounts, the last Endo group I joined from this forum did not go so well, its me who uses fb not my partner he just isn't in to social media, but that being said I've lost cound of how many people have asked me, nastily, which one of us cheated?! Its something you should think about, its a minefield, many women don't want men reading their inner most thoughts, I am of the belief it effects him just as much as her. I'm not gonna join your group for fear of upsetting ladies who won't like to see my partners name on our account but I do wish you the very best of luck, and if you don't want the arguments that would inevitably come if I joined you should state clearly whether men are aloud to join your group or not xx


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