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Grumpy Day!!!

Do You ever have days where you have just given up with endo a bit? I'm having that today. I'M DONE WITH PAIN!!!!!!!!! (everyone always thinks I'm a drama queen when I have these days!) but maybe they should try being in pain and having it interrupt EVERYTHING in their lives.

I've been trying to do up my new house and just can't do it. I end up in agony and I'm ALWAYS tired.

Just needed to moan to people who know how I feel, and not have people look at me with half pity on their faces!

p.s Sorry for being grumpy today, any one who reads this!


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I know exactly how you feel - I have these days too. Not every day but some days it's just so difficult to cope with and I end up feeling down. I hope you feel better soon and have a better day tomorrow x


HA! Practically everyday I'm called a drama queen, I usually snap back walk a mile in my shoes, you deal with an invisible disease, you have me judge you and then we'll talk...that's if I'm not crying and as my bf says having a tantrum. This week has me beat, pain has been constant and today I'm just exhausted I've been stroppy and hormonal, its just the way it is, unfortunately! I just don't care what people think in this situation, their ignorance makes me furious and if your close enough to talk behind my back (usually badly I always hear it from someone else) or look at me with pity then your close enough to feel the sharp end of my tongue occasionally. Nothing annoys me more than people who are meant to support you, and in all honesty I try my best to be a good friend/gf/family etc all of the time, I never lie and I ty to give good advice, I try to be tolerant of YOUR stuff, good or bad, its not asking a lot for them to be like that back. I simply don't explain to strangers anymore, I don't have friends anymore and I barely have a family, I have a handful of people I keep close, even these people don't get it, I think its one of those things that only another warrior will understand your thought process, feelings, how you see things. You will get there, DIY is tough with the pain we get just take it slow and steady a bit at a time xx


Totally know what you're on about. I get those days too. Just take it steady and if you need to stop for a break then do it. I had one of these days the other week and posted on here and the support was great. We understand so don't worry about being grumpy. Good luck with the diy


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This is me today

I'm totally fed up with this awful existence 😕


I love that there are others who feel like me! I don't however love that we all have to feel like this. I have had an entire weekend and it just feels like a complete waste, I literally keep going the whole time but it makes me feel awful.

What a grumpy weekend this has been.

I normally cover everything with humour/sarcasm, but this weekend there has been ALOT of swearing and I ache all over. its not even just my stomach its my back, Legs, neck the whole of my body is crying out for a deep massage, heat and rest.

Does anyone else end up hurting all over?

Thank you lovely ladies for helping me to feel less alone.



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