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Post hysterectomy

I had abdominal TAH and Bso in Dec 14 due to being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, results came back that it wasn't cancer but severe endo.. Age now 42 not on any medication or hrt due to this all starting from blood clot in lung caused by part of one of my ovarian tumours breaking away.. Anyway putting up with hot flushes, night sweats lack of sleep I have had arm Pain for two months and unable to lift arm up.. Went to GP who has said its a frozen shoulder and can take 3 years to recover 😟

i know your bones are at risk after hysterectomy could this be sign of osteoporosis ?


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This is uncanny but I suffered with the same problem 3 months after my hysterectomy last year. The pain was unreal in the back of my shoulder I couldn't lift my arm either. It lasted about 6 wks. It felt like a huge tennis ball locking the movement.

To cut the story short I went to see an aromatherapist for massage and she used black pepper and other oils every week and it loosened it- the results were excellent even after 3 sessions. Please try!

I also did exercises for frozen shoulder which I found after googling.

I also took ibrufen and strong painkillers.

Sorry you are going through the mill without hrt.

There is a company on the net selling herbal versions.

Hope this helps.

Have a happy Sunday.

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Hi you could as for a bone density scan! This would show whether it is due to osteoporosis.

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