Advice please?

Looking for some advice please, I have been having my endo flare ups about every 3-4 weeks lasting about 3 days but the last couple flare ups after the 3 days I'm exhausted, fuzzy head, lethargic and just a general feeling of this normal endo or should I make a dr appt?? For example my endo days finished on Monday and I haven't been able to leave the house since I'm exhausted, fallin asleep when I sit down and such a fuzzy headache???xx

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  • For me that was quite usual. I used to literally spend two weeks out of four - ovulation week and period week, lying on the sofa.

    Hugs to you xx

  • I feel like this every day... my friends and family are sick of me saying how ill i feel constantly 😕 i hope you feel better soon x

  • Hiya my endo symptoms are currently coming 2-4 weeks and last 3 days or so- I get exhausted, pain, really bad fuzzy head, emotional and bad tempered ! I had a scan recently that showed the endo has returned and I am going to a consultant next week ! I guess I know my symptoms are not as bad as others but it's hard to dean with the roller coaster or the effect it has on life. Our symptoms sound similar which I hope it reassuring but seek advice from your gp if you feel you can't cope with it take care x

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