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Possible Rectal Endo

Hi Everyone,

I've just recently found this board! I have been having cyclical rectal bleeding for a year now. I've always had painful periods and never really thought much of it. I have 3 children and managed to get pregnant with them fairly easily, however, we have been trying for about 20 months now with nothing. My periods and pain have been getting progressively worse, especially combined with all the bowel symptoms. I had a colonoscopy performed in sept with nothing found. I also had a negative ultrasound.

I will be undergoing a lap mid April and then they want to do a flexible sigmoid while I have my period to try to see exactly where the bleeding is coming from. The gynecologist said he will refer me to a specialized clinic at that point that deals with rectal endometriosis for possible bowel surgery.

I've made peace with the possibility of no more kids, but I'm finding all the symptoms getting harder to deal with. I'm tired and in pain, sex hurts and the bleeding is awful. I look fine on the outside so it's really hard for people to understand what I'm going through.

So here I am looking for support and also wishing to speak to someone who has gone through surgery for rectal endometriosis, because honestly, bowel surgery is pretty scary to me. I'm a nurse and where I work, I usually only see where complications have happened.


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How did it go?


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