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Mirena coil side effects

Please tell me when the feeling of spewing my ringer up will stop, low mood bad tempered, still constant Endo pain. I had the coil put in two and a half weeks ago. I've been on a period for 9 days!!; bare in mind my periods before only lasted one day!!!!!! Its done nothing for my pain. I font evn know why I had it put in. Like I say I am lucky inba way because I never have had heavy bleeding ob my period. My pain was just constant regardless if my period made an appearance or not!!! I'm so stew but cant be bothered I'm curled up with my heat pack on all my meds and still feel like I cant eat anything ny head feels like its going to explode!! Which was another reason why I didn't want the coil I suffer from migraines when ever I'm on the pill depo and the implant!! At this rate I'm not going to hold out 6 months I'm sort I'm ranting I seem to just rant at the moment;; 😭

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Hi there,

I had the Mirena fitted nearly 2 months ago against my better judgement and to begin with I thought 'yeah this is why I didn't want it'. Had pain and constant bleeding (but not like period pain etc) then last week miraculously I stopped having any pain (and I mean I had NO pain) and now the bleeding has stopped. The last couple of days have had very intermittent stabbing pain but am feeling great and fingers crossed it stays like this. I too suffer from migraines but as yet none.

I really hope your experience gets better for you, hold on in there xx


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