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financial help

hi i have suffered quitea lot with pcosyndrome and now have emdometrios i am due to have a much needed operation in June. Due to the job that i do i have been told by my hospital that i will have anything from 2-6 weeks off work. I have a child a home to carry on with. I know my health is more improtant but i have a feeling that i will be going back to work a lot sooner than what i can due to bills etc. I have had to have a lot of time of work du to how much pain i have been in at times. Worried is not the word i know from when my daughter had key hole surgery how painfull it was and how much pain she was in. I am hopeing that after this i will be pain free or at least all most pain free it has taken its toll on me massivly. Work, family, social, or intimate side as well

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