A bit of edvice please

Hi I. Went to my hospital oppoinment and I have to have a third operation but this time its to remove my end but I'm in too minds as he said there is a risk of having a bag on after sergury I'm only 26 no children and having children is what I really want just wondering if anybody else also got told the risk and how they went on or even if they had children after removal of endo

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  • I have very server ando I'm on the zoladex at the mo as its covering my bowl I'm pretty scared as to have the operation but I can't cope with the endo as iv had it for 7 year

  • Hi are you being seen at a BSGE centre?

  • Are you in the UK and if so what area?

  • I'm in lancashire and I'm being seen at Burnley general but its the risk of a bag after my operation I'm really concernd about x

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