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Desperate for a baby

I've had cysts on both ovaries to my knowledge for a year, left side 6cm right side 3cm, the problem is I'm getting nowhere I have pain relief but I've had blood tests, ultrasounds and CT scans and they still don't know what it is, they may try keyhole, but aren't sure if an ovary will need to be removed, the problem is me and my husband are desperate to try for a baby would it be bad to start trying, even with no diagnosis? They've ruled out cancer. Any advice would be great.

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Hi Gemma,

I was in your position some 15 years ago. I got pregnant, but I miscarried. The reason they said were my cysts. I did not know I had endometriosis then. But I started to suspect. I read this forum and after recommendations I contacted the best endo surgeon at that time - prof. Gary, who was the only one in England at that time to start with excition surgery. He agreed to take out my cysts. When he started with the lap, I turned out that I have stage 4 endo. It was everywhere. The lap was 4 hours long.

Afterwards he told me not to have any hormonal treatment but to try for a baby straight after. I was lucky, I got pregnant 10 months afterwards and had a healthy baby. Afterwards I was endo free for about 6-7 years. Now I am stage 4 again.

I can also recommend total life style change for both. No coffee, alchocol, reduce sugar, reduce wheat, gluten and dairy products. A lot of mild sports and positive thinking.

In your situation the biggest risk is that you will get pregnant but miscarry. I would go for a lap first but only with the best possible and specially for endo trained surgeon. They can not see endo on CT scans, so pls avoid those as it is a lot of radiation and doesn't not give any results.

Good luck.


I agree with the above poster. Any cysts could potentially affect a pregnancy. They could be dermoid cysts, are they solid or fluid?


Hi Gemma, you really need to find out what the cysts are. If they are endometriomas then it would indicate endometriosis elsewhere. And unfortunately this disease doesn't provide an ideal environment for pregnancy. So having a laparoscopy to find out with excision would then leave you in a better position to conceive. Good luck.

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