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Pain during periods and ovulation post lap?

Hi ladies, for those of you that have had scar tissue and endo removed through a lap what pain did you experience on your first periods and ovulation post lap? I had one period that was fairly heavy 4weeks after (but periods have never been a big pain trigger for me) but I'm now ovulating and all of a sudden I have a serious trapped nerve type pain in my lower back, travelling slightly down my legs and a tiny bit of spotting as well as mild period cramping. I'm wondering if this is something to do with endo or something completely unrelated. Normally my pain is fairly consistent during the month and I've never had it start so suddenly before :( xx

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I had my first period a week after surgery.. It was the worse pain ever! I couldn't even find comfort in the bath (which I usually do). I woke up with a sharp pain and literally could not move. Ended up ringing doctors and they said that the first period would be quite bad as I obviously had somebody fiddling around inside and removing and moving things.. I'm due any day for my period and anxious to what it may be like this time round 😔 hope this helps xx


Oh no, I hope its a lot better for you this time around. I have started the gym to get my general fitness levels up so I thought it might be that but the fact it feels in the 'period pain' kind of area as well today makes me think its Endo related. I did have the actual first period (not including the bleeding from the op) 2 weeks ago but that wasn't too bad. This is horrendous! Xx


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