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Pain please help


So I'm driving a car to a customer as I work in a garage and I literally had to pull over and crouch down in a tight little ball on the side of the road as I had about 5 mins of really intense pain from my (lady area) really tight pain into my both my ovaries causing me to become breathes and not knowing what do, I then stood up and stretched it out got back in the car and continued on my way and haven't felt anything since other than tenderness over my left ovary but during the time at which I was having my shooting pain I literally wanted to scream as I couldn't move and was on my own :(

Does anyone else have this or experienced it as it really worried me as I only had my lap in Dec

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Hi - I know from your other posts that you are generally getting pain still after your lap in December. The pain you describe above sounds like a burst cyst but as you are on the pill this might be less likely. You have said you get back ache. What other symptoms are you having?

I think you will have endo that has been missed and will need more thorough treatment. Where in the UK are you?


Not really back ache get it if I stand for to long and I live in Bedfordshire x


I should see if this episode was a one off but if you continue to have other endo pain symptoms I suggest you get a referral to a BSGE endo centre for an opinion as I do think you might have had endo missed. Click on my name and look at my post on how to find one.


This sounds like a ruptured cyst.


I had stabbing pain like this at the start of the week. I was referred to gyne for an emergency assessment but after bloods an exam and a scan they reckoned it wasn't anything gyne related. Hope you have more luck getting to the bottom of it and it doesn't happen again



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