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Does my missed period mean my endo is getting worse?

I have my second lap on Tuesday 22nd March so this is me being impatient wanting some answers/advice.

I got diagnosed with endo in August 2014. A mild case of it but a LOT of pain on a daily basis and when I am on my periods. However, my periods were usually always 37 days apart.

Something odd has happened this year! January I got my period on the 5th Jan, normal. Around about the 15th I had to take the morning after pill due to a condom splitting so I knew I would most likely get another bleed soon after taking the pill. Well, I was right, on the 18th Jan I started my period again but it lasted SIXTEEN days. It was heavy the whole time and so painful. I was in New York too (dream holiday) which was a pain... I have been told that travelling on long flights can cause your period to alter.

However, that period on the 18th Jan was my last period to date. I have also bled after sex a few times (this was before taking the MAP so had nothing to do with that). I went to the GP as the bleeding after sex, although an endo symptom, I never had before but the doctor didn't seem concerned she just pinned it down to a raised part of my cervix (erosion) she was pretty rubbish tbh.

Sorry for the lengthy post but has anyone else had a similar experience? Do you think maybe this means my endo is getting worse or it could be something else..? :(

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