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hi all Actually my wife had pregnancy but the baby was conceived in the tube the dr thought that it is some kind of pimple but later on it was discovered as pregnancy. an operation was caried out to remove the baby. now she is having her normal menstruation periods. dr has told her leff ovary is lose and her right ovary is working fine. now Please guide me is possible that she would be able to have a baby while having only one ovary functional.

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  • Yes of course - you only need one ovary to be fertile, and if its working fine she can still get pregnant :-)

  • Hi.. From what my gaeny says and others.. It is very possible to conceive with one ovary as long as it's healthy and functional. I was meant to have my left removed and that was my main concern.

  • Yes if it is working and functional she could be getting pregnant. Wishing you both all the best.

  • Yes my Mom had three kids with one ovary and Endo

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