Thursday Lap cancelled 😭😭😭

So down now not well enough for lap on Thursday have waited so long and got tooth abscess on Friday now on 2nd lot of abx as first lot didn't touch probably from being so run down with waiting 6 months for lap or some answers about bowel and pelvic pain , tooth still agony . Endo pain constant and getting worse was hoping not to have another unbearably painful period 😳 Am self employed can hardly work and but have spent so long arranging cover for op childcare etc as single mum with no family around teenage kids but still thanking needed and now it cancelled.

Have been ringing hospital since Friday about abx and what painkiller I can or can't take remedies etc, and will op be on or off and nobody got back to me despite leaving countless messages today , just being told they are very busy. I have spent 3 days on special low residue diet ( nearly impossible for vegetarian gluten free people) in case op was on.

I understand why it cancelled but am still gutted and nurse who finally rang at 6.30 saying I sound over emotional too , so probably for the best to wait. IAlso she had no idea how long wait will be 😑😑😑😑😑😑

I am a NHS patient at a private hospital , not my choice and it is truly awful system see my other posts . I tried PALS patient advisory service for support and they can't help me.

Sorry rant over just gutted and needed to share πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

And hope my cancelled lap got someone else in earlier 🌹

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  • Oh that sounds terrible, so sorry you were in such limbo over this. It's amazing how insensitive some nurses can really be. For someone that signs up for caring for people, I'd think they'd be full of compassion and understanding. I know some are but I've also encountered a few that are not! Any word on when it will be rescheduled?

  • I've gotta ring today going to go dentist first as wisdom tooth no better not sleeping starting to drive me insane 😨😨😨 not a good week.

    But must get better😳😳😳😳

  • Good luck! I just came from the dentist. I need 2 wisdom teeth pulled. Ugh! I hope you feel better soon! 😊

  • Awe no sorry to hear that hope they sort them soon 😷😷😷 will have to start a new support group page endo suffers with wisdom tooth issues !!

  • Hahaha! I bet a lot would actually join! Wonder if there's any connection. Good luck and I hope your pain resolves soon.

  • ended up after 3 lots of abx 3 dentists saying it abscess / bone infection and it not clearing pain getting worse but no swelling then dentist saying it a resistant infection. So I panicking referred to hospital and find out it not even an infection it a jaw problem made worse by clenching with stress and continuously mouthwashing and brushing that's why it been getting worse and worse as I think the antibiotic not working aaaargh .... so could have had op no abscess and only had mild pain last Friday just wanted to get checked before op, :( so just need to de stress now and reduce pain but easier said than done with another period coming up :( double arghhhh ..... So I can't even join the endo / wisdom tooth issue group I'm afraid :) :)

  • Oh no, that's terrible news. Well, I suppose it's good it's not a wisdom tooth issue but that is awful that you could have had the op. I would be so angry. We'll have to make it a Endo/Dental group then you can still be in the club! Lol, but seriously April 20th will be here before you know it.

  • 20th April so not too bad , just gotta sort tooth abx not working

  • Mine too been postponed yesterday! Am still fuming!!! As i have arranged childcare/work everything.

    I can't believe the way the nurse spoke to me. The consultant added my name in his diary with myself n husband right infront. The nurse is saying my name is not in the diary and I have made it up! Then she saying the consultant hasn't got time, hence rebooking. Honestly why can't they be honest.

  • Oh no how awful at least mine is my own illness annoying as it is. Was originally told by consultant in Jan it wouldn't be more than 3 weeks then told it not going to be til April made to feel that could possibly be true 3 weeks and they were very busy but they spoke to consultant and then given March date???

    It just upsetting we know they are busy but it's with other patients the same as us we are just made to feel like we're making a fuss about nothing. It's bad enough being ill without extra mental stress it takes nothing to be polite apologise and support. We'd get to our lap in a lot better state would be better for us all , we understand they busy but we are part of that busy and it a massive impact on our lives else we wouldn't be having lap.

    Hope you get new date soon.

  • Hey, this happened with my first lap, I had flu so it had to be postponed. It took roughly 2 months for rescheduled lap. Put yourself down for cancellations. xx

  • Hi Hun I'm sorry it was cancelled. My first lap was June last year , when I arrived gave them my urine sample and it showed I had a uti so it was cancelled. I was so upset. But I had a letter within a few days and had the op 10 days later so hopefully you won't have to wait too long.

  • Thanks for your replies . Got 20th April now, but not responding to abx for tooth so have to go hospital for that tomorrow if I don't improve :( All really difficult not to get super anxious.

  • I know Hun but you will get there. Stay strong and if you need to let off steam we're here for you. The next few weeks will fly by.

  • Oh no! This sounds like myself, was due to have lap on 19th January, got cancelled night before, I am still waiting πŸ˜” They are saying with the amount of a &me and because I have age on my side (I'm 22) I should feel lucky I'm not on my 4th /5th cancellation πŸ˜”

    I feel so run down with everything at the moment, on top of this finding out my gran has leukaemia and my parents are spitting after 30 years. I feel like this is the lowest point in my life.

    Just git to stick together πŸ‘­

  • Awe I'm so sorry to hear all of that Skye456 and have you no date at all yet?

    I luckily am 41 probably had endo for long time but only now got really bad.

    But just been to dentist and I not responding to abx so may have to go to hospital tomorrow for that . I have been rebooked for 20th April now, so really thinking of you not knowing stuff is so stressful even if it long wait it's better to know.

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