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Unexpected heavy bleed post laparoscopy to remove endo

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Hi all... After advice, since my lap to remove endo which will be three weeks ago tomo I have struggled with the similar pain I had before, it got to the point I couldn't see without crying.. Seen GP she has asked consultant to see me ASAP as concerned about trapped blood or fluid as I have had no bleeding at all since surgery... However today I have been unusually exhausted and hot and tonight I felt what I can only describe as a popping sensation in my tummy and pressure realising and now have heavy bleeding... I'm not due my period for 5-7 days so could this just be my period or is it something I need to get checked? I have been in and out of pain since op last week it's been at its worse. Dr nearly had me admitted to hospital last week because of pain but luckily I had no temp so she was happy for me to sit and wait to hear from hospital... I saw her 5 days ago and still nothing from hospital? I, hoping I'm worrying over nothing and it's just my body recovering

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