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Advice needed :(

I can't stop worrying that something is wrong with me! Other than endo. I understand that late periods and bleeding after sex are symptoms of endometriosis but what if you have endometriosis and you've never had these symptoms then all of a sudden you experience them. I suddenly began bleeding after sex and my last period was the 18th Jan. Could it mean that my endo has just got worse or something else is wrong with me. Im really stressing myself out

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I'm not sure how old you are but when was your last smear test? I suddenly started bleeding post sex( before my endo diagnosis) but I was only 22. Despite this my GP sent me to the hospital for a biopsy and they found CIN 3 pre cancerous cell. I have a loop excision to remove them and bobs your uncle no more bleeding.

I would just go and ask your gp for a smear test to set your mind at ease :) but don't stress! Removing abnormal cells is simple and quick!


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