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Pain after ovaries removed?


Hi All,

I had my ovaries removed 3 weeks ago now and although the pain from the operation has gone, the pain I was experiencing pre-op is returning. Has anyone else having this experience? After the heartbreak of this op, I thought I would at least be feeling better. Don't know what to do or where to turn to now. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Hi, I've put a long winded post on here today that may or may not help you? So please have a look. Basically I've also just had my ovaries removed including my everything else almost a week and half ago! The pain could be from your bowel being moved around during surgery causing severe bruising & scaring pre & post op? If the pain is increasing I would ask your Dr for advice as some of your bowel could have become twisted especially if you had constipation.

Have you altered your diet? What form of HRT or Holistic Remedies are you doing?

You should always listen to your body as you know it best. Do a bit of research & hopefully some of the other lovely ladies on here will offer some insight. Xx

eviearl in reply to EEshborn

Hi Em,

Thanks for taking the time to come back to me. Long story short for me had 12 months of Zoladex injections which were like having a new lease on life. Within 4 weeks of final injection, pain was back and 2 weeks later was in surgery. Whilst I know I am lucky to have been treated so quickly, I was hoping for relief from pain similar to that experienced during injections.

With regards to research I did try to filter through the stacks of the info out there. Due to my age have got HRT to continue monthly bleeds, womb left intact. Majority of my focus has been looking at Mindfulness,CBT, yoga and other emotional coping strategies.

Diet wise, like you I have made some changes - cut out cows cheese (switched to goats), changed to dark chocolate (if I have to have any) and using Honestly Healthy cookbooks which have all helped with hormones/mood but not with pain.

I really hope all goes well with you and that you continue to get better and better. For me the BM pain lasted 10 days max so hopefully you are nearly through it.

Wishing you the best of everything



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