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Wish me luck and any advice?!

Just waiting in hospital for another surgery this afternoon. Having another lap to remove adhesions and endo in my pelvis as well as drilling my ovaries (they could of found a better name for this I feel) Surgeon is also going into my bladder and may have to have a drain or catheter. The bladder bit will be a first for me and although this is my 5th op still get anxious of the Unknown.

Surgeon has also said I shouldn't wait too have children as its been a pretty rough time from being diagnosed 2.5 years ago and he sees so many women leave it too late and wouldn't want me to go through the same given I'm 30 this year.

I think one one the things I struggle with is feels like the control is being taken away.

Thanks for reading my post and anyone with any advice / similar experiences would be great to hear from you.

Ceri xxx

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Good luck with your op, wishing you a very speedy recovery. Hope everything goes well for you. Keep us posted on how your doing after the op.

I had numerous ops regarding Endo/adhesions removal. My last op was in 2014 it was a serious op due to my insides being stuck together and more Endo and adhesions were found and removed.

The worst bit for me was the removal of endo inside my bladder, 2 weeks after my op I had the catheter taken out and I had anxiety attacks about peeing, was really scared the first time because in the past I've been in so much agony peeing. I had nothing to worry about as there was no pain.

However all my symptoms have returned now along with other health problems I might need to have another op sometime this year.

The mistake I made after my op was eating normal foods, I realised that after any kind of op you should eat light foods, and little amounts to give your insides a chance of a good recovery for at least 2 weeks then start eating how you like. That's what I did after my last op I just had small amount of foods but stuck to liquids and not heavy spiced foods as it can irritate the stomach lining.



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