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Pain and Waiting Times

I have been struggling with pain in my left side on and off for about 4 years, just thought it was period related, but it was getting increasingly worse and is now 24/7. I had a diagnostic lap in Jan 2016 and they have found endometriosis, I am now waiting further surgery to remove the cysts but I am in so much pain, very difficult to manage. My surgery has just been put back again and I am finding it very difficult to cope with the not knowing. Anyone else experiencing the same? Thanks

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Hi. I saw my specialist gynaecologist in October 2015 when the decision was taken to go for total hysterectomy , (following a lap in March 2014 for removal of ovarian cysts, polyps, fibroids and endometriosis) as I had recurring endometriosis and endometrioma's. Like you, my pain has gradually worsened. I was due to have my op at the end of Jan, which was then put back to 7/3/16, which was then put back to 14/3/16, only to be informed on 7/3/16 that my op was further delayed due to an emergency and critical bed crisis. I have been offered another date of 1/4/16.

I am now signed off work and my GP has prescribed tramadol for my pain. I am reluctant to take pain relief as I don't want to raise my tolerance levels, and affect my recovery post op (when this happens). However, I find that paracetamol and ibrufen are not touching the pain.

Hang in there. Which is easier said than done, I know. Apparently junior doctor and bed crisis's are affecting most NHS hospitals, be they specialist facilities or other.

I am hoping that the pain I am in now in comparison to any post op pain, will negate this.

Take care and good luck :)


Hi, hayley! Really really sorry for you. I know how it feels. I had been struggling with endo for 2 years actively. This was just what you're writing about - felt constant pains and had painful intercourse all the time. But my first aim though was not to get rid of pain but to conceive, I should say. Besides my endo DH had low sperm count and motility. My endo made me pass through 2 operations, the 1st one ended in its coming back again..:( We don't know the exact reason for that even now..

Still all the preparation made me feel scared, anxious and sick as for that you're saying 'not knowing'. After 1st lapo we've tried IUI and ICSI rounds but in vain. As the reason was hidden much deeper..:( With time my eggs became aged making us to apply for egg donation. Our program started and successfully ended in Biotexcom clinic. Thanks to God we loving parents of a little sweet boy now...

I must admit at the end of my story that in our case endo was only the beginning of the journey. We must be very careful with our health. I wish you treat it soon and never go my way, honey. Hugs xx


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