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Best thing for pain?


I'm around 4 weeks post laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. I had no pain at all until a week ago but now getting worse and worse. I have follow up with consultant in two weeks but is there anything I can do for pain now? I have codeine but it doesn't really help. I'm working as usual and work kind of takes my mind off it but I get home and reality hits as to how much pain I'm really in. Help!

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My dear, unfortunately I cannot recommend you any meds on the point. You see, too little time has passed since your lapo and hister. Your body is still healing I guess. This won't be right to suppress it more with additional meds, I'm sorry. It may sound silly a bit but for some women in the case yoga is a little helper.. Any way do nothing before you consult your doc and ask about his suggestions. Stay strong dear, hugs xx

Hi you don't state why you've had these procedures, are they for endo' if so then maybe it's that? If not could you have got an infection from the procedures? If it were me & the pain wasn't tolerable & getting worse I'd see my GP & see if they can prescribe something until you see your gynae'. Wish you well, don't suffer unnecessarily xx

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