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Hi, so after talking to a friend about how bad my monthly can be she sent me an article. While reading the article about endometriosis I noticed a lot of similarities between them and me. I have had one appointment with a doctor who said this was probably the likely diagnosis for me. I'm now in the process of getting a full diagnosis but I was just wondering how the diagnosis process went for all of you. I can't help feeling a bit scared although I know that hopefully soon things will be getting better :)

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I suspected I had endo for years but my doc would not take me seriously. After 14 years of pain, last summer I had emergency laparoscopic surgery to remove my appendix. They took a biopsy of the appendix and confirmed I had endo. I've since had excision surgery almost 3 weeks ago and hopefully I'm on the right road to recovery. Good luck with your appointment. I would go with a notebook of your questions.


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