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5th Op

Hi All, I am 29 years old and in for my 5th op on Saturday after being diagnosed in Sept 2013 after over many many years of symptoms! During the op I am having on Friday they are going into my bladder for the first time as they believe this called also be affected. This is a first for me and wondering if anyone else has had any experiences of endometriosis in the bladder and if there is any difference in recovery etc? Mine so far has been isolated to my pelvis and outside my womb and once fused my ovary to my pelvic wall.

I would really appreciate any feedback this whole situation can feel so lonely sometimes.

Thanks so much

Ceri xx

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Hi, I don't really have any experience with this, but just wanted to say good luck, and also bump your post up so you might get some more replies, are you being treated at a bsge centre ? X


Thanks so much, thought I would be used to this by now but the anxiety doesn't seem be any less each time. No I am being treated by a specialist at a local hospital - I didn't even realise these centres existed. Thanks again I really appreciate it.



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