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Could it be something else?

Hello! I have a dull deep ache in my pelvis, it's on either side but it's constantly there. It has previously been sharp stabbing pains also in the same pelvis region! I am on my period at the moment (definitely not helping!!) I haven't had a laparoscopy but I would like to put this down to endometriosis as my other symptoms align. In case it isn't, is there anything else it could be? Thank for your time!

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Hi i have this too I was diagnosed with endo in the bladder 3 years ago after a biopsy as they thought I had bladder cancer. I have been so bad for the last 6 months and my pelvic pain has gone worse.im just sitting here curled up. No longer have faith in my consultant and do not know what to do. I'm like you in wondering if there is any other explanation. Is yours just one side and do you have any other pain.

I have bladder problems ( extreme) and my stomach is bloated. Do not know where to go from here.


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