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Can endo go into remission temporarily?

I have suspected endometriosis and it's always been on a flare up basis.. I say suspected as I haven't had a laparoscopy yet to confirm it. Where symptoms went away (never for long) and have came back. However apart from my periods my symptoms have been practically non existent for about 6 months which is the longest I have ever felt symptom free. However in the past week or so I've noticed the same symptoms returning again. Would it be possible for it to subside for this length of time?

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Hi.. I've been diagnosed with having endometriosis for two years now and there is periods of time where I will experience no pain or symptoms for a while, and then the symptoms will reappear. For me, my symptoms can subside for over six months and then suddenly come back. Because of my own experience with this condition I would say yes it is possible for it to subside for that length of time... Everyone experiences the symptoms differently and so anything can be possible.

I hope my answer's helped :)


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