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New here and waiting for first laparoscopy

Hello, I am new here and currently I am waiting for my first laparoscopy (gynaecologist reckons I have endometriosis) and I don't really knows what to expect? They said I will be able to come home the same day and the day after I'll be able to do what I was normally doing (surely not, I thought?). Is the procedure sore afterwards? I don't work at the moment, I am at home with my two children. I just wish this pain would end and I could get some form of diagnosis, been in this limbo for past 5 years. Many thanks.

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Firstly ask him do a ultrasound scan or Mri before he does the op if he's unsure. as he might close you back up, not remove endo THEN send you for a mri scan if it's worse than he expected. Then send you for another op.

(This happened to me)

Long way around.

But as for pain you will definitely need help with your kids if there young for around 1/2 weeks afterwards.

The pain is manageable with pain killers, but it knocks you emotionally so be prepared for that , as you will have to rest to let your body heal.

you need to check your hospital is a bsge centre. Google it an make sure your surgeon is qualified to remove endo if it's found.

Hope this helps xxx


I had a scan and blood tests which revealed nothing. That's why he think laparoscopy is the next step. My kids are 5 and 3, both still at nursery and preschool so I have them most of the time with me, my husband will help out.


It is only a day surgery, however you won't be back to normal for a while.

It can take (up too) 6 weeks after any invasive surgery to recover fully, although this differs from person to person.

I had to have 7 weeks off as after 4 days I went back to work as a cleaner, which involved too much heavy lifting and moving around in general.

But all depends on how fit and healthy you are I guess.

I would say make sure you have help for the first couple of weeks as you will be sore, tender etc.

Hope it all goes well.


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