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Feeling down 😞

Here I am again ,ive struggled getting up an motivated yet again for work,im taking tramadol now for my endo an back,the last five mnths ive had random bleeding inbetween periods horrendous abdominal pain,back pain go the loo alot more tired ,went docs a mnth ago gave me tramadol told me i needed to manage pain haha done bloods for my thyroid levels there fine ,an sent me home,so need to take someone to docs with me next time ,im just fed up being in pain trying to run a family,work and function.

Thanks for listening x

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Hi kagz sorry to hear you are so down,

if I was you go straight back to doctors you need further investigation due to the bleeding in between your periods and the pain you are experiencing,

it's best to be safe than sorry I would ask for a scan and and a smear If you haven't had one in a while,

I hope you get the gelp you need and start feeling better,

Just remember it's best to be safe than sorry, be strong with your GP and say I want further investigation done because you feel so ill and not well at all.



I will thanks tess,ive got alot of stuff goin on pcos,endo an had thyroidectomy,so I think doc is just putting it down to them but defo gonna go back with someone,coz he doesn't listen to me x

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hi Karen sorry to hear you feeling down, will text you back when i've come from hospital this afternoon take care my friend always here if needed you know that hope your feeling a bit better speak to you later your friend.......Alan xx


Thanks alan for listening,ye in allot of pain at the mo,finished work nearly,r u ok with the hospital appointment an stuff x


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