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Hi Guys, Im am 20 years old and after 8 years of extremely painful periods I have finally be diagnosed with endometriosis. I had surgery a few days ago and had a coil put in but I'm worried about my pain returning. I use to manage my periods using the pill so I could have some control over when they some and prepare myself for them, but now I have the coil in I can no longer use the pill. If anyone could give me some insight into periods post surgery and if the coil reduces pain that would be great, as I am really worried about the pain returning.

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Hi hun, I hope you're recovering well, I had the coil nearly 2 years ago on my last lap, i can only speak for myself but it's been great, it really lightened my periods which reduced pain and they became more regular so hopefully you'll still find it easy to know when its coming. I dont know if you had the endo removed or not but if you did you may still have some painful periods especially the first few until you've recovered fully but it should be much easier to cope with than before so don't panic :) I hope this helps! Take it easy and I wish you all the best xx


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