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Hello ladies, I am hoping to find some help here. Last month I had an extremely painful menstrual cycle. I've never had them that bad. Ive been experiencing lower back pain and burning by my left buttock that radiates down my leg. Flank pain, abdominal pain,bloating and frequent urination. I visited my gyno and she suspects I have endo. She booked me for laparoscopic next week. I can't sleep at night as that's when it's the worst while I'm laying down. It sucks and scares me so much. Ive booked an appointment with a diff gyno to get a second opinion. I feel like she should at least try to rule out any cycst, tumors or cancer even. I keep thinking the worst case scenarios. At least for my peace of mind she should try to rule out anything else. I've never had surgery before and I'm so scared to go through with this and what they'll find. Can you ladies please share with me some of the symptoms you've experienced? And if you've had surgery, how long was recovery?

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Hi there I often read other people posts so thought it was about time I wrote mine this morning after seeing yours. Try not to worry about the Laproscopy easy said as I have had 2 now. I had mine 3 weeks ago and finally have answers. I am a nervous patient but thought got nothing to lose. I have all the above symptoms like you since I was a teenager and they did find endemetrosis on my sacrual ligiment. I had to Google that one didn't have a clue. I had to go to the hospital a few days before for blood and urine tests and to weigh you etc. On the day of the op had to do another urine test to check you are not pregnant. Once you have had the Laproscopy they send you home a few hours later. I had a bit of period pain but they give you pain killers. I just took it easy for a week. Got out of the house work to be honest felt good after a few days. I used a hot water bottle behind my back which helped. I was given strong ibuprofen and cocodomol from the hospital. I stopped the cocodomol as make me feel sick and constipated. First lap I had dissolving stitches this time I had proper stitches. I had 2 small cuts with a couple of stitches in each. One in belly button and one in the ovary area. These were removed by a nurse a week later. Hope all goes well and keep us posted.

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Most people have to fight for years to get this surgery so it is great that you are being referred. Try and focus on this and not dwell on the operation itself. It's really not that bad!! I had mine in October and it was my first ever major operation too. It takes a few days to recover from the worst of it i.e. difficult walking around etc. and then it probably takes a few weeks for your energy to come back. It really depends on how much they do during the procedure. They can check for cysts/tumors etc at the same time by the way so you really are getting the best option.

Good luck and think positive!!

K x



I suffered from the symptoms which you are experiencing and eventually got referred to my Gynacologist. Was referred to have a laparoscopy to have a look at what was going on. The idea of having surgery terrified me but the pain I was in was so acute that I decided to go ahead with the procedure. Once at the hospital the staff couldn't have done more to make me feel comfortable and continued to reassure me that I'd made the right decision. Recovery for me after the operation took about a week before I was able to carry on with my usual routine. Thanks to the medication and painkillers the pain after the operation was minimal, meaning I only suffered mild discomfort after. In my opinion having the surgery was very worthwhile as I now have my diagnosis and am learning to deal with life with endometriosis.

Hope this has helped in some way and that you get the best outcome for yourself as possible 😊


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