Pain for months and weigh loss + nausea

First time posting i am 40 since September have had bouts of severe pain on my left lower side am finding it really hard to eat and am rapidly losing weight have gone from a UK 12 to an 8 as feel so sick and everything I eat comes through pretty quick am opening bowel s so many times a day it ridiculous, more seems to come out than goes in sorry maybe tmi there :) I have gone from gastro to gyne back and forth told to get a colonoscopy by a and e a sap in September finally got a sigmoidoscopy last week which showed nothing . Finally saw gynecologist end of Jan because of mess up from GP and she's booked me for a laparoscopy on the 17th March. She did a scan and thinks that I have adhesions and my ovary on left side is bound to uterus and maybe have adhesions to sigmoid colon. Think I've described that all correctly .

I feel so ill now only have couple of weeks til op but feel so nauseous although haven't been sick and have really bad pain on left side and very noisy gurgling colon all the time ??? Hope that makes sense , not long til op now but feel so ill can hardly walk and getting weaker all the time as so painful when I eat 2 weeks seem so far away. Worried they won't do it if I too ill

I saw dr 2 days ago who felt my stomach and said to come back if I was sick or had temp I don't, but feel proper awful can hardly eat or sleep so going bit loony.

Is this just endo pain and I just have to hang in there ??? Any tips or advice ?

Only painkiller I can have are paracetamol as have hiatus hernia so can't take NSAIDs have cut out gluten bout a year ago a taking magnesium , turmeric , ginger and peppermint + permanently have a hot water bottle but bowel and bladder hurt and am bleeding brown goo still day eight of period :(

Thank you for any advice sorry long rant

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  • Hi i had exactly the same symptoms (couldn't keep food down, was losing weight, felt extremely weak etc) for around 2 months. Then i got fed up with feeling sick and didnt eat anyting for two days, just drunk water.. after that started eating bread, with nothing on it, for another three days.. and after that i was finally fine. the pain, bloating etc were gone. Havent had this aweful symptoms since, and can eat normal again, but have no idea what caused them in the first place. i have endometriosis, and asked my surgeon after laparoscopy whether endo can cause such symptoms; he said it can cause bowel related symptoms, but cannot make you be sick (stomach problems arent endo problems). I was feeling sick but was never actually sick.. it sort of felt that sick feeling was coming from lower abdomen.. ridiculous, i know, but that was the impression i was getting and suspect these symptoms were caused by endo. its scary though i dont know what brought them on and why. it turned out i didnt even have endo on my bowels so doesnt make much sense.

  • Yep I've lost so much weight because I stop eating for a few days which makes pain better and feel generally better but now weight so low really weak if don't eat for a bit so it not really an option as need to get strength up before op. Really interesting to know you had same problem it really difficult piecing stuff together alone . Thinking sick feeling is hormonal maybe or stress and anxiety as lap aproachs and it a bit of an unknown quantity as I a single mum with no family nearby kids are teenage but still require organizing for school and squabbling πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ recovering from a concussion also a month ago so maybe it's concussion related as still have a lump on head 🀐 Anyway thanks for your reply hope you have a good weekend πŸ˜€ I think may try just water tomorrow to calm it down.

  • i generally felt much better when on the pill so may be hormonal; but the pill scares me, given possible side effects etc, especially if taken long term. plus its just not normal to have such symptoms and no source! youre right its dificult to make sense of it all, sometimes it just drives me crazy. i recently got reffered by my gp to see a gastrologist due to such a rapid weight loss, so i was hopeful about that, but given your story i think it will show nothing also in my case. eh, we just need to keep trying to find out :)

    have a nice weekend too :)) hope youll feel better soon xxx

  • Yep I didn't find much help from the gastro department they said about trying

    Amitriptyline if they couldn't work out what that matter was , this was before the endo adhesions maybe diagnosis . I do get some blood in stools had a sigmoidoscopy which was weird seeing the inside of my bowel on a massive screen πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€but was fine fine and didn't show anything . Not had a follow up yet since probably will be after lap I suppose. Have to do enema before lap I case they have to work on bowel got the lap on my birthday too super grim 😬😬😬😬😬😬. I never taken pill With other illnesses alway tried to take a herbal alternative or boost up my immune system or get out and walk or do yoga but this endo stuff is a nightmare unraveling symptoms and endlessly waiting and chasing appointment 😬😬 I self employed so no sick pay . Anyway peppermint tea and hot water bottle Friday night πŸ’—

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