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Hey, I'm just wanting some general information from anyone who can help me.

I'm 24, soon I'll have my 4th lap for endo.

Everything has stuck to each other and I've ripped things. They had me tested for a different MRI which actually showed several bad adhesions and several rips.

I really just wanna know if anyone has had surgeries throughout their life and how many they've had. I've had a surgery every year for almost 4 years. My endo comes back rapidly.

Has anyone had surgeries so often?

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Hi Claire, snap... I have just had my fourth surgery in 4 years.

Had appendix removed, part of my ovaries, had to have my rectum realigned as all the endo had pushed everything out of place. Last surgery in Nov I also had the coil fitted, I have had no periods since bit pains are already back and getting worse. Fed up, feel like a whinger going to docs, I have no energy and never want to get up but docs don't offer any advice or solution.


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