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Pelvic pain and MRIs/CT scans are clear!


I could really do with some advice. Last year, my periods worsen and I was (still am) in pain all the time. In November, I was sent for a ultrasound and they couldn't see the left side of my womb and ovary. So I went through my works private health care and saw a gynae who told me she suspected endometriosis. I had my lap and hysteroscopy in December and also had the Mirena fitted, I had endo but it was lasered off. Within in a week, I was in a lot of pain and one of my incisions became badly infected. I was put on antibiotics, but it kept re infecting itself, so I had 6 lots of antibiotics, within 7 weeks! In this time, I've being bleeding still, I'm in so much pain in my lower back, hips, pelvis and around my belly button with pains up my vagina and bum. I can't go to work, go gym or do anything without pain. They removed the Mirena, 3 weeks ago as they thought that was giving me an infection. But no the pain is still there. So they gave me an MRI, but nothing showed up. So I was refered to a Gastroenterologist, he was quite rude at first and basically asked me if I was making this up!!! So he he sent me for a CT scan which showed nothing other than something on my liver which he assures me that wouldn't cause the pain. So next Tuesday, I'm have a endoscopy and colonoscopy, to rule out the bowels being a problem. I'm at my wits end, I've gone from being an active person to being able to do nothing. I haven't been back to work since the lap. I just want my life back, and no seems closer to making a diagnosis that will take this awful pain away. Can anyone give me any advise! I'm at the point where if they took everything away and I had no pain, I would be happy.

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Anyone ???


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