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Channel 4 News - Debate on Periods

Just wondered if anyone saw Channel 4 news last night and the debate that they had on periods?

one lady really suffers and said how she is in so much pain every month with very heavy bleeding etc, I really felt for her!

The other lady basically said 'take a pill and get over it'

I had to leave the room after shouting at the TV, my god she made me angry!

It's worth a watch on the channel 4 news website, go to catch up and you'll find it, just be prepared to also get angry! 😡

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Thanks for posting that, I didn't even realise that this was on!! I will defo be watching on 4OD.

That women who told her to "get over it" needs educated.... it's a life long condition where pain (management where possible) becomes the norm.... as WE all know lol

I don't blame you for taking a rage! I am lol-ling at the hashtag "shouting" hehehehe



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Thank you for your post. I've just watched it. The woman speaking against it just seemed like the usual politician that avoids the question and doesn't really face up to what is being asked. Her view on it, and her ignorance towards the subject just proves that it shouldn't avoided and ignored. That people need to realise although it is natural for females, it can be misunderstood, and like they said, a taboo subject. She probably doesn't empathise with women who struggle, because she likely has an easy time of it. And that's sad.

I'm glad the other woman mentioned endometriosis, because people don't know enough about it and how much it can impact on someone's life.

Interesting discussion, but yes, rather frustrating.


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