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Dark period blood black/brown, chocolate cyst??

Hi! I'm a newbie here and wondering if anyone else has experienced dark blood throughout a whole period before. My last period, right from beginning to end, was a little lighter than usual but was mainly dark brown to black in colour which is unusual for me. I normally only have this colour blood towards the end of my period which I have read is pretty normal. I have not been diagnosed with Endometriosis yet, my first laparoscopy is next month, but I do have PCOS. I done a google search and read somewhere that dark blood can be caused by chocolate cysts? I have also had lower back pain and fatigue ever since this period but that might be because I'm not eating well or doing my yoga which helps keep it at bay...

Just wondering what may have caused this kind of a period, and is it a normal thing to happen for someone with endometriosis/PCOS? Any thoughts would be much appreciated :) thank so much xxx

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Hi ,

My period was mostly black until I had my first laparoscopy. Not sure if it is a sign a chocolate cyst but I had those too. It is definitely a sign of endo though.

Along with black blood and blood cloth also dark in colour I was experiencing , bleeding with my bowels and constant sensation of UTI from my bladder. I had quite a severe endo stage 4 not visible at scans or in other test. I had on my ovaries as well.

It started as you said it is good you have your lap just ask them to look everywhere to check your pelvic area as well. It is best to find it before it spreads out!

Good luck and let me know how it goes! X


Hi. I used to have really dark brown/black blood before and after my period but since I has the chocolate cyst removed I've not had it since. I had that for years but I thought it was normal until I got diagnosed with grade4 endo /andometisis.


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