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Please help so confused

Hiya everyone I was told after having my lap and a marina ciol put in that I have endometriosis & today I saw my constants under study she didn't have my notes I was in the room less then five mins she didn't ask me if my symptoms were any better she told me my ovaries were stuck to my tubes & she told me my tubes are scared but only mildly and they removed it all which again is different to what I had already been told and she said when I want to start a family I would need to be under the hospital for aid with conceiving I had already been told this but she didn't even know I've already got 3 children and she also said I DONT have endometriosis. I feel like I'm back at square one she has discharged me & I just don't know if I'm coming or going. Why do I need the ciol if I can't fall pregnant and don't have endometriosis I just don't understand and don't know what to do. I'm in a right state now Xx

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Hi, sorry I'm confused now too, lol, when you had your lap did they remove endo, if so where was it,???

Also was you operated on in a BSGE centre or genral gyne..??


My consultant told me they removed it from my tubes but his under study who I saw today said none was found and I had this done at a general gyne.

I'm still in quite a lot of pain and now I am not going to be getting any help it effects my

Legs as well as my belly and back I feel like I need my body chopped from the waist down, she didn't tell me why my tubes were stuck to my ovaries I before today assumed that was because of the endo & I had the ciol put in for endo management because I can't fall pregnant and when I said that she couldn't answer me. Thank u for replying if u can offer any light on the situation I would be greatful x


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