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Possible endo symptoms or lap pain?

Hello ladies!

I had my lap on Friday, I'm feeling better each day and now just have two sore incisions (one healed beautifully and two are possibly infected I have an antibiotic scrip waiting to go if I want). I have had a few pains that can best be described as slow shooting pains through my recto vaginal area and a tender feeling vaginal canal and I'm not sure if this is just part of the recovery process or if endo was missed. My surgeon said there was one small patch old old endo on my right side that was removed and adhesions on my stomach that were also removed. It seems silly to say but I felt disappointed there was only a small amount as I was in so much pain I was sure id be riddled. The surgeon said he didn't want to see me in clinic and if my symptoms persist that it's likely to be a bowl or gastro intestinal problem and not a gynae one.

Part of me feels like I need to concentrate on my recovery and put all this behind me and take the surgeons word that it's all clear in there now but, I'm a complete worrier and I'm trying to not let the thoughts of 'he missed bits/he doesn't think I have endo/I need another opinion' get into my head too much. My original lap was cancelled on the day and the dr that was going to do that was wonderful and told me all the places she'd look and take pictures etc but this dr (not even the head surgeon just one of his team that would be present) didn't mention any of that and I got the impression that from reading my notes they weren't expecting to find anything; even though my notes read like an endo symptom list.

I feel like I've rambled on a bit and don't really have a clear point but any advice or thoughts would be really appreciated.

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Hi Jenny , it's still early days . If in a few weeks you are still get pain then give GP a call. Also if there's a chance you have an infection I would take the antibiotics. Hope things improve for you.

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Hi, dear! I'm pleased your lapo is already behind. This is good news.

As for your pains I'm totally sure this is a recovering stage. The time period passed is too short. Besides this you've probably heard of that sometimes our body remembers its parts even when being absolutely removed?

This may sound rather unpleasant but still I've got a friend who lost his arm in a car accident. Now after 2 and a little bit more years he's absolutely ok. But still he complaints while sleeping he feels pains in his arm (which is a blank space now).

I'm sure you have to take more time to get rid of your stress first. Then do everything you're told to recover soon. I believe you mustn't worry something is unclear about your body. This is simply the post surgery stage.

I'm praying for you to feel better. Be strong, dear. You just have to be ;)

Sending strong hugs Xx

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