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First laparoscopy/ ME/CFS

Hello - new here - my first laparoscopy is on Monday with endo team at St Michael's, Bristol. As well as being nervous about it I'm also concerned about my recovery time due to the ME/CFS and having a general anaesthetic. I have some info from an ME charity regarding this and hoping the anaesthetist will be able to read it beforehand. Anyone else with ME/Fibro had this op? I've got the book about endo and diet but wondering if anyone knows of a site which has some basic/ easy to digest lists advice wrt diet?

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Hi peajay,

I'm really sorry I can't offer any advice on the me/cfs but I had my lap on Friday and although the first few days were brutal it does get so much better. The best advice I can give you is to just listen to your body, don't try and push yourself to do things because you fell like you ought to be able or you don't want to be a bother. If you have someone to help out take full advantage and if your going to be on your own at times make sure everything is to hand that your likely to want (tv remote, hot water bottle, drink, snack, painkillers, phone/iPad).

Your anaesthesiest will come find you for a chat before the surgery and will explain what they will do and go over any questions or worries so that's your perfect time to go over the info you have with them - take the leaflet with you to show them.

Try not to worry yourself you will be in very capable hands. My pre op nurse said pain from the surgery only lasts a few days then the rest is pain from trapped gas so prepare yourself for a rough week and before you know it you'll be well on the road to recovery.

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Thanks for the advice!


Hi, and welcome, I would just like to say good luck for Monday, and try not to worry about recovery we are all different but you shouldn't find it too bad, just rest well eat well, lots of fruit veg and chic and fish, drink enough fluids and watch crap tv, lol.

You will get to see your Anaesthetist before Gand say gave a chat if anything is on your mind, I found the worst thing after op was the shaking, but apparently it's quite commen but I didn't know that,

Get organised befor, with dinners hoouework ect, so not much to do after,


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Thank you. x


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