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Fed up

I've just joined and can't believe how many people have this , I've always thought I'm the only one as when telling people they dont understand or the many doctors I've seen in the pass have laughed at me and thinking I had been making it up. I'm just getting tired and find it so hard to get out with the pain and finding it hard to get my friends to understand.

Thanks for listening Hannah x

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Hi Hannah you're not alone Hun. This is a great place for support and advice. Just let us know if you need anything.


Defo not alone. I thought I was going mad at times and used to beat myself up for being tired or sore. Don't do this to yourself, the online community is fab. There are so many helpful threads to read. Care for yourself, you have a condition and need self love :) if you need a break or down time, don't feel guilty, your body/mind needs it.

As for friends..... reactions such as "oh no" and "i had that once" are very annoying but sometimes education is key, be firm and explain to them what it is, you'll be suprised how many people don' actually know what it is!

Lots of Love

K x


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